This is the first video i have released in quite some time.

It’s exclusively on Tumblr, via a private link. 

You guys are seeing this first.

Share the living daylights out of it and make me feel like this pain can gain a silver lining.

Love you all to bits,


So tell me i deserve this love,

Tell me anything to pick me up,

For i could not lie to you baby,

I could not lie.

X men Days of Future Past-Opening battle. (x)

I’ve seen the clip and it looks awesome. Yes. Including that bit where the camera circles around the team which was lifted directly from The Avengers.

Here’s the youtube link.

What has become of me?

I vowed to never ever try smoking and yet here I am halfway through my first pack. 

Somebody save me from this nosedive self-destruction.

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Regina Spektor
Begin to Hope

If I kiss you where it’s sore,
Will you feel better, better, better?
Will you feel anything at all?

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King and Lionheart
Of Monsters and Men
My Head is An Animal

Howling ghost they reappear
In mountains that are stacked with fear
But you’re a king and I’m a lion-heart.
A lion-heart.

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Sara Bareilles
Little Voice

Here in these deep city lights
Girl could get lost tonight
I’m finding every reason to be gone
There’s nothing here to hold on

Could I hold you?